Thursday, September 02, 2010

Summer? Where?

Holy crap. It's September. What. The heck. Well, one more semester, and it's a busy one. And it's almost done with the summer, though in practice, my summer is done. And I'm trying an affectation of wardrobe. Because I'm getting old. At home, t-shirts are fine, but I noticed in one of my classes last week that I felt...kinda like I was running around in undies by being in class in just shorts and a t-shirt. So I'm making an effort to use my button-up shirts and polo shirts if I'm going to be going out. Relaxing or doing any work at home, or on weekends, t-shirts are still fine to use. I have some awesome, geeky t-shirts! But my public image is one I'm trying to adultify a bit. I'm still running around untucked these days, but I blame the heat. And my gut. Ha. Most of my polos are just a smidge short for my torso, but I'm shifting from youth-casual to adult-casual.

I like the Art of Manliness and a lot of what it advises (I have a straight razor. It is awesome.), but shirt and tie every day? Yeah. No. I've never been a fan of ties (little nooses!). And if my plan stays on track, I'll be in a suit and tie most days a week anyway (Funeral Honors teams wear dress blues and Class A greens. That's a suit and tie. And hat. All of which have to look immaculate. Argh.) So I'm enjoying the freedom to look a little like a slacker while I still can. Besides, jeans, boots, and an untucked button-up shirt is a good look on me.

In less adult news, my Eldar are just about done. I have one last squad to paint and all the minis I have will be done. And they look pretty good! Not 'Eavy Metal team good, but a lot better than a lot of miniatures I've seen in the last 10 years. My technique has improved a whole lot. And as soon as these space elves are finished, I've got to finish up the changes I've made to my Dark Angels following my acquisition of their latest codex. And I'm already planning other, future armies. I really want the Dark Eldar to get a new codex and figs. They've been using the same models and rules since 1998! But I need to get some playing time in with the armies I have first. Heh.

Also: When will the Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta be back up! DO WANT!!!

summer, summer, summer-time!

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