Sunday, September 12, 2004

ne obliviscaris

I made a post on about September 11th, thought I'd put it here.

I remember wishing that I could go to class and learn that day. But they cancelled classes. I remember going to see my girlfriend for lunch at her school (She was 17, I was 19) and everyone was terrified.

I remember being annoyed at the stupidity of the public. People living in rural North Carolina, at least an hour from any major financial or urban area going home from school or work in fear.

I remember being outraged at our own citizens lashing out at innocent muslims who had nothing to do with the attacks. I remember wishing death on the flag burning muslims laughing at our tragedy.

I remember feeling nothing as the second plane hit the towers. I remember sitting there watching the towers fall with the same boredom and disinterest as I do when watching the news any other day. This wasn't shock, this was a lack of feeling. Death has never bothered me, nor tragedy.

I remember, but what I remember, no one else seems to recall.

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