Friday, September 17, 2004

The Types of Jobs.

Near as I can reckon, there are three types of jobs in this world.

1) Retarded entry level trained ape jobs that pay you a pittance, not a wage.

2) Good paying jobs in fields I have no compatibility with, be it because I've never worked anything nearly like it and/or they require experience in the field and/or they require some sort of degree in that field.

3) Jobs that pay decent that I would be able to succeed in if it weren't for the fact that the particular job I'm looking at is already filled.

There is a theoretical fourth kind, involving good pay, compatability, and an opening, but I've never seen this job with my own eyes, so I am inclined to disbelieve.

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Anonymous said...

You could become a crab fisherman in Alaska. They get paid well, but many of them die horrible deaths. I think that they are hiring.