Monday, September 20, 2004

Weapons of Mass Distraction

So this weekend was amazingly fun! It started Friday night. I saw Sky Captain and thw World of Tomorrow. It was everything I hoped it would be. It captured the look and feel of the serial sci-fi films of the 30's and 40's, and added to them modern fi;m sophistication. The entire cast gave entertaining performances, lending sympathy and caring for the characters they portrayed. It had action, but was light-hearted. Good stuff. And then He rested, and it was the First Day.

And then it was Saturday. We had a Royal Court meeting for the Carolina Renaissance Festival (our last Royal Court meeting before the season starts next weekend. YAY!) which is always fun. Because we're all wacky silly people and love to hang out with each other. So the meeting is done and since we're all at Phil's Bunker, well, we slid right on into party/cookout mode! Phil's parties are something of the legnedary ilk. There were tasty steaks and sides for all, plus ridiculous amounts of tasty alcohol. While getting drunk wasn't the goal, (we drink because the drinks are tasty), some of us were inebriated.

Somewhere betweent he alcohol and the double-apple tobacco in the hooka, we had the brilliantest of ideas. Make a trebuchet. So we planned to do that the next day. Towards the end of the evening, somehow we managed to start watching Univision and Sabado Gigante (Big Saturday) with hoochie makeovers, dancing twats, and lots and lots of really strange things in spanish that we couldn't understand, but was fun to watch. And the commercials for a night-time soap called Rubi. This is important remember it later. And there was hooka and hot tub. And it was good. And it was the evening of the second day, and He rested.

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Breakfast consisted of thick sliced Guiness bacon, Guiness bacon eggs with shredded extra shapr vermont cheddar, grands and crescent rolls, and much tastiness. And so we built a trebuchet. In the space of an afternoon. And we named her Rubi, after our favorite commercial from the night before. And it was good. And we celebrated with all you can eat chinese after a few test fires.

(left to right: back row - Doug, Jeremy, Craig, Chris, Derek. front row - Phil, me)

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