Monday, December 20, 2004

Family squabble! Yum!

Ah, the wonder that is the divorced parentage. Years pass, and you think it's finally over and done with. Then come the holidays, ever the massive heap of unpleasant baggage. As part of the child support agreement between my parents, my father was supposed to be allowed to have us, his children every other Christmas. Thus far, this has not happened. Once. Since 1995. This year, it seems my brother and sister want to go to Dad's for Christmas Eve, coming by our house here for Christmas with my mother, and then Christmas with Dad's mother, then leaving the 26th for my mother's mother's. If it's done this way, two things will happen. First, I'll get stuck having to go to Randy's sister's for Christmas with Randy's family. I can at least tolerate most of Randy's family, except his sister Cathy, who tends towards pushy bossy, and even more so when drinking wine. Which she always does. To excess. And secondly, my mom will spend the most of Christmas crying. Because my dad will have put his foot down about this whole Christmas thing, and there would have been a lot of crap floating about the house in the form of negative emotions. And I don't want to do that. Which I actually find somewhat odd. I tend to favor my dad to my mom in most things. But she's still my mother. I have no desire to have caused her to cry on Christmas morning. I'd much rather spend Christmas Eve here and Christmas day with my dad. That seems the best thing overall. Plus, if I'm here for Christmas Eve, I can go to Midnight Mass, as I have since my senior year in High School. I think this will be the fifth year running. It's becoming a little tradtion for me. Also, I don't know when I'll be able to "do Christmas" with Holly. I just don't like the circumstances. Next year it won't matter so much, as I will be living in Greensboro. Then I'll be able to remove myself from the mess.

In a much more minor note, Jerod's trying to turn me, or through me, Holly, into the antagonist because of Megan's "schedule" to be able to roleplay. Because I didn't call Holly at his command to figure out when Holly will be getting home on Wednesday, he's trying to make so she doesn't get to play because he wants Megan, his girlfriend, to play tomorrow. To which I replied, and I meant it, that if he's going to pull that and force playing to happen when Holly won't even be there, so his girlfriend can start playing, where mine's already been playing, I won't play either. Because he's being an ass about it. And I mean it. If he's going to force my hand, I'll take my cleric and leave. That'd be no cleric, no mage, and Shaun killed his NPC off last session, albeit valiently and nobly, because more people were joining in for the next session. I'm not going to willingly exclude Holly so Megan, or anyone else for that matter, can play. I've excluded a girlfriend before, but The Great Whore of Babylon was a terrible roleplayer, and no one likes playing with her. Holly's been roleplaying almost as long as I have, and know how to play with a party. Megan I don't think has ever played before. It's stupid. And I think I'm done venting now.

I miss my girlfriend.

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