Monday, December 20, 2004

Untitled, Dec. 20th

It appears I have been neglecting my little blog here the past few days. Haven't really felt a need to vent anything I suppose. The last few days have been quite pleasant, really. We'll start with Wednesday.

Wednesday - Started by hitting up a temp agency and, apparently, being impressive. Then picked up the Sgt. jones from his teaching job, and being treated as VIP, given my status as Captain of the Royal Guard at the Carolina Renaissance Festival. Which is kinda crazy, but the kids, middle school kids, looked sharp. Then back for my appointment at the temp agency, scored for the same afternoon due to my overwhelming impressiveness. Paperwork and tests later, and it's 5PM. Which means I couldn't call Holly to make some plans (she turned 21 Wednesday), but I was able to hang out for a while. She actually invited me to play in the Hackmaster game that was going on, which was touching. She was being very sweet. She didn't want me to go, but I felt like I was intruding, so I left about 7PM. Wednesday ended.

Thursday - Woke up and showered and was ready for lunch with Holly, set up the day before. She got pulled for speeding, but didn't get a ticket. So, yay me, I got to be all comforting. She liked her birthday present, Inu Yasha episodes 1-126, but, as I expected, thought it was too much, but not in an offended kind of way, just a "she's not used to this kind of treatment" kind of way. Which makes me smile, being able to show her this better way. After a moment she leaned up and kissed me. Lunch was pleasant, if a little late, and she got to make a character for Shaun's D&D campaign. More sweetness and cuddling and a long good bye.

Friday - Woke up, did some cleaning, and Holly came over around 4:30, finished her character, and we headed out to the Rummage's to roleplay. Played until about 1, which was crazy, but we all had fun. She was cuddly and sweet. It's a sad state when I am used to not receiving affection, and am surprised by it in a relationship, but it makes me thankful for even the littlest of kindnesses. One really long goodbye and it was the end of the third day.

Saturday - Headed out to my dad's in Hickory for Christmas with my grandfather, so yay warm family pleasantness. Played a whole lot of Halo with ma familia and Jenna's boyfriend Tyler. Seems like a nice guy. Came back, tidied again. talked with Holly a little bit.

Sunday - Kinda blurry, really. I remember Holly calling to tell me she was running too late to stop by on her way to her grandmother's in Chapel Hill (What? I'm getting called? Whoa!) but there were pleasant and encouraging words. Her grandfather's got Alzheimer's and hardly remembers anyone, which is hard on her and her family. I wish I could be there with her, but I'll be here when she gets back. It started to flurry a bit, so I called her again, to see if it was snowing there. It wasn't, of course, but I got to talk to her for a little bit at least.

Today - Had lunch with my brother, Hugh, Tony(cousin), and our friend Nick, who was visiting from Tennessee. Then we all gathered back at my house for a ridiculous amount of 6 player Halo on two TV's over the LAN. It was all quite very sweet, and that's where we are right now!

I hope Holly's Christmas present hurries up. I have a feeling it will get here in time for Christmas, but I am anxious. Which reminds me. I need to check the mail. Peace out.

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