Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Power of the Dark Side

George Lucas, I applaude you.

Even The Return of the King did not move me in the way Episode III has. Let the nay-sayers wring their hands and mourn their lost youth and dreams. It is they who have lost sight of what Star Wars was supposed to be about. There is beauty and nostalgia in the first three movies, the Original Trilogy. But in my eyes, this movie will live on as the shining triumph of the entire saga. Five movies. Five films, each great in their own right, designed from inception to be a space opera, an epic, archetype filled saga for kids, both young and old. But now something different. The last, and, I believe, oldest piece of the story. The fall. The fall of the chosen hero. Epic and moving. Dark. Thought-provoking. I am an introvert, so perhaps not everyone reacted internally as I did. What I took from this film was a resonance and a call for self-reflection and inspection. My fortune cookie at dinner read: "You could acheive greatness in your lifetime." I have always identified with the character of Anakin Skywalker. The most powerful characters that literature can create are the fallen heroes. He fell from Grace to save his wife. How can I not identify with that mentality? It's almost scary. I could be Anakin. I fully understand his motivations, his choices. I would have done it all the same. There's a reason why the lightsabers I have are all replicas of Darth Vader's.

It's all left me feeling very, well, dark. That deep, familiar, inner darkness that has permeated my being since I reached the Age of Reason. I resisted temptation, tonight. I want you all to know that. A very...very...powerful temptation. A temptation I would have much rather given in to. Not a new one, but one nonetheless. And feel only a bitter aftertaste like bile choking up my throat for it. Aren't I supposed to feel something better, a more positive reinforcement for resisting temptation? Iustis Pius Augustus, Virgin Emporer of America. Pure. Faithful. Dark.

you were the chosen one


thatweirdgirl said...


I'll ignore the inconsistencies and the dialogue and the direction and just say that i too thought the movie was good.

I didn't react quite the same way you did. Nor have I always identified with Anakin. However, I now understand you better.

SW was cool.

And I still like you.

thatweirdgirl said...


well done. you're stronger than most, including me.

needleseye said...

Identifiying with Anakin...
I just have to say, Anakin was manipulated and mislead by both "sides", and because of that made poor choices. I wouldn't say he's fallen, I'd say he's a POW, trapped in the twisted mind and body the Jedi and Sith created by their "use" of him. They really did use him.
Do you feel like that?

I don't know what my point is except maybe Anakin still is a hero, really.
I also think Dark is relative term.
This "temptation" thing, it's your biological purpose, that's not dark, that's nature. A base need sure, but it's there. Screaming out loud yet constrained by some principles, possibly religious, or maybe just a healthy idea in these times.
Frankly, frakin' amazing.

So, do you think Vader freezes Han Solo because he doesn't like how Han looks at his daughter? ;p
There's nipping temptaton in the bud!