Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Geek Squad Gunslinger

So Geek Squad has two kinds of Agents(employees). There are the Counter Intelligence Agents, that do the in store work, like what I do. We're the best paid employees in the store outside of salaried managers, but we're still susceptible to the retail availibility requirements of working weekends. The Double Agents get to use the Geek Squad cars(which they hang on to), they get a nifty badge, get to
set their availability as best suits them, and make money more like a Geek Squad Supervisor. Or better. Because of their mad kung fu skillz. Also, the Double Agents don't report in to the infrastructure the same way normal employees do. They're responsible to the salaried managers and the district managers, but are pretty much given free reign, so long as the work gets done.

The computer area manager came up to me at the end of my shift today saying he needed to talk to me. He told me there was going to be an opening for a new Double Agent. He wanted to know if I wanted the job. He said "Your computer knowledge is top-notch. We're going to be opening up a new Double Agent position, and it looks like you're it." Glee!

hey tycho. yoink.


... said...

I'm good at breaking computers or at least scrambling their little circuty bits yeeess! I could keep a Double Agent veeery busy.

Static said...

Ha HA! Innuendo.