Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Can't Stop the Signal

Wow. A lot to report. Skywarp is back online and better than ever, save for the need to reload all my software. But oh well. I'm just happy everything is working like it should. Or better.

Serenity. Oh. My. God. What a movie. One of the best movies of all time. But I'm biased.

Katherine. Oh. My. God.

Work is starting to lose the novelty, but that's ok, because right as the novelty wears off, my pay increase kicks in. It's a fair trade.

CRF opening weekend. Too damn hot, but otherwise fantastic. It was a little disappointing at the hotel, given the light crowd. But in other ways, this past Saturday night was the best of my whole life. And the best part about the CRF 2005 season? Guards don't carry any bodies off the field! Holy crap!

I might write up a more coherent entry later. Like when my computer isn't screaming at me to restart.

back in the saddle again

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thatweirdgirl said...

I'd like to ditto the Oh. My. God.

for a number of reasons...where is my pic of the snug pants?