Friday, October 14, 2005

Jack Thompson, Total Douche.

So there's this man in Florida. This man is an anti-gaming lawyer. He is paranoid and extreme. His personal beliefs seem to be that all gamers are time-bombs waiting to go off and kill lots of innocent people. Anytime any kid kills a bunch of kids, his reaction is "sue video games" not "where were the parents." He's gotten so bad, that even the National Institute on Media and the Family has said "Whoa there, ease up, hoss." Some of you have, by now, heard of his proposal for a video game. If you don't want to take the time to read it, here's the gist. A father takes revenge on anyone and everyone even loosely associated with video games after his child is killed by a kid who went crazy after playing a violent video game. He trakes down Paula Eibel(Paul Eibler) of Take This(Take Two/Rockstar) games and kills her. And everyone in the building. Then makes a mad mad killing spree across the nation going into and killing people in Best Buy's, Circuit City, EB Games, etc. All in a mad dash to make it E3 where he can kill everyone there. In exchange for this, he will give $10,000 to a charity.

Boy, he's a reasonable one, isn't he.

It seems that Gabe of Penny Arcade wrote him a letter detailing how paltry a sum that is compared to Child's Play, which he and his partner Tycho, were key in organizing. Child's Play has, in two years, collected more than $500,000 for children's hospitals. And these are amateurs. Not corporate nods, just a bunch of middle class gamers giving.

It seems Mr. Thompson didn't take that too well. Twice.

All I have to say is go for the jugular, Penny Arcade. We the gamers of this world are behind you.

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