Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Looooong week. And some change.

Wow. What a week. And some days. So.

My last post was made just after getting home from Dress Rehearsal weekend. Which went well enough, if really warm. But this past weekend, opening weekend, went fabulously. I need to remember to grab my camera to take a few pictures of the Royal Guard, and everyone else. But those kids are awesome. I don't know if I've elaborated on the kids, so I'm gonna do that. These are former students that Chris taught in his Leadership Academy at Imani Institute. These are underpriveleged kids who would never have really been able to experience the Renaissance Festival otherwise. But being Chris' kids, they're all very disciplined. Lani has (and still is, grumble grumble) made some very sharp costumes for the guys to wear. People in the cast keep coming up to Chris and me telling us how impressed they are, how great the kids are. We couldn't be more pleased with the reaction. And being, technically, production staff, we don't really have to listen to other people when they try to tell us what to do or not to do. We usually do, but only because 1) it's a legitimately good idea that's been proposed or 2) to play along and keep the waters from being too stirred up. But I've denied people, much to their chagrin (only 24 years old? What does he know?! Punk kid!), their petty power struggles on more than one occassion. Because I can. I answer to myself, Rob and Jeff. Rob being the Entertainment Director and Jeff being the Mighty Owner Guy of the whole thing.

Work's been work, but continues to be a lot less stressful and a lot more fulfilling. Especially since I don't have Scott Horton leaning heavily over my shoulder all day, every day. If he's the Manager on Deck, he'll walk about checking on the department, but it's a pain in the ass to come all the way out to Car Fi from the Manager's Bridge on the opposite corner of the store, so his visits are rare. Some days he'll get a wild hair up his ass and spend many a circuit passing Car Fi when I'm on shift, no doubt looking for something to get on my case about. Meh. I do more than my share keeping the numbers up, and Jimmy knows it. So I've got some relative immunity.

Speaking of work, I've taken to walking to and/or from work, instead of getting Chris or Lani to drive me. Not often, and usually only when I can't get a ride. But I think I might do it as a matter of fact, barring foul weather. The absolutely amazing doublet Kae made for me is a little tighter around the middle than it should be, and I need to fix that. Because I have put on a little size in the last 6-7 months. Faire will help that. I get into a mode where I eat less and do more. Which I really wish I had kept up a little better than I did. But I've been stuck in a long bout of apathy about my physical condition. Heartbreak does that to me. But it's been months. I really should have shaken myself out of it sooner, but laziness, apathy, etc. Yadda yadda yadda. Fixing it. My khakis are already fitting better and the XL Best Buy Blue Polo of Blue fits a lot better than it did four weeks ago when I first went back to Car Fi. I just need an accelerant. Like liposuction. Heh.

Back to opening weekend! The weather was awesome. For me. A lot of other people weren't happy with it. But they weren't blessed with Northern European genes that were made to handle cold and misty/rainy days. I was a little miffed that I didn't have my cloak, though. Not because I was cold and wet, but because I want to make sure I don't damage the doublet. It's suede and all. And a labor of love. So I treasure it and keep it in the best condition I can. Also? I need to get a red shirt.

I've been watching too much Stargate SG1. Damn you, torrent files. Damn you to hell!

caaaaaan...anybo-deeeeeee...find meee-heee-heee...somebody too-hoo....looooooooove

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