Monday, October 23, 2006


I really am. At least when it comes to this blog. But I tend to get out of touch with the world during the Ren-Fest season. Wear myself out during the weekend and zombie my way through the week. The festival is great, though. The kids are alright, but, being a bunch of teenagers, they can get on my nerves just a bit. It's also difficult getting the kids to respect me like they do Chris. Chris was the Sarge. Teacher, mentor, guy-to-listen-to. I'm the new guy, so to speak. So it's a lot harder to get them to listen to me. Maybe because I don't particularly want to dress them down off stage. I guess I'm still used to not having to do so. In the past, the Royal Guard/Pike Troope was made up entirely of adults. And on top of that, adults under the head of someone else. On stage, I was the captain. Back stage, someone else was responsible for everyone's behavior. Now I'm both Stage Manager AND Captain. If this were a real Guard, they'd listen or get the crap beat out of them for insubordination. Can't quite do that now. Oh well. If that's the only real complaint I have, I think I've got it pretty good.

I got a new shirt. Wow, isn't that exciting. I started thinking about getting a red shirt earlier this year. Grey and red are Captain Grey's "colors" but I've always had just a white shirt. No plans to get rid of the white one, though, because it still looks very good. And it's cotton, so nice and breathable. The new shirt is red silk. And man is it pretty. Grey is a Lord, after all, a Baron. He should have some nicer clothes. I made a leap in that direction with his doublet from a couple of years ago, a nice corduroy with silver braid accents and detachable sleeves. And The suede doublet I have now is very much lordly. And now I have a nice upper class shirt. It's the hotness. I'll get some pictures next weekend and post. But now, I have a few pictures of the kids to share with everyone! Yay!

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