Monday, October 30, 2006

Pictures! Glee!

These were snapped during the Court Dancing in the mornings; these in particular are from Saturday. I'd have more, but I was too busy actually dancing Sunday to get any then.

Overall, this weekend was a fairly interesting one. A pretty good one, actually. I got free italian food Friday night. And free food is always awesome. Especially if it's offered to you by someone who keeps reminding you (during the meal even) how much they hate you. Bwa-ha-HA! The Faire weekend was really nice, if bright. Cool enough to keep me from sweating too much, but warm enough to keep everyone else from complaining. Weak bastards, all! There was a very nice (to me, anyway) breeze blowing all weekend, too. I got many compliments on my new red shirt, nearly all from the female types, and several from female types not normally in my social circles at faire. Which is just fine by me. I got to hang out with Amy at the hot tub waiting for everyone else to arrive. She plays a fool, Keena(spelling unknown), at CRF and is most often found on her head telling bad jokes. She's been doing the Rennie Life since her first year at CRF, 2004, where I first met her. She's a fantastic woman, and it was nice to get to know her a little better. Chris and I had a patron come up to us and request that we sing Seven Drunken Nights. This season is really shaping up to be an awesome one for me.

Now if only I could get the weekdays to not suck so much. Aye, there's the rub.

as i went home on a sunday night...

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