Monday, October 20, 2008

A full 360!

Well, sorta. This will make for my 360th post on blogspot since I started this thing back in August of 2004. And, interestingly enough, I find myself in a similar position as I was then. I'm at my mother's, but making the best of things. It was a reasonably optimistic time for me then, and it is now. I have a chance and a plan and it all might work this time. I've said that before, but I've said that before, too. History doesn't repeat herself, but she does like to rhyme.

I started work today. Finally. The job is not new, but thanks to the person I'm working for, I learned several somethings today I did not know before. I was amused and amazed. I'll need to remember to leave the boots at home, though. There's not a lot of sitting around at this job, but I do get an hour for lunch. I've done the math and I should be bringing home about $1500 a month after taxes, maybe a little more. It's not bad. And the sooner I get into the swing of things, the sooner I'll be making more. I imagine I'll likely be doing even better by Christmas. The opportunities and growth just itching to happen there is very thrilling. This is where I am working. Check them out.

Third weekend of Faire went well, I suppose. Once again, I felt like I was the only chaperone. Maybe it's unfair to feel that way, but there was the Mamma D show the first weekend. Wes had meetings and Hannah was sick last weekend. This weekend Wes was working (no blame), Chris was sick, and Hannah had drill. If Chris were well, he, too, would have been at drill. Luckily we had "only" 8 of our 12. Next weekend, we should have a full compliment of cadre and a whopping 3 cadets. Yeah. And I still have to drive. How did that happen? All told, the season is going very well, I'm just having to do a lot of, like, work, y'know? And it's all hard and junk. I mean, who do they think I am, a responsible adult in a position of authority and seniority?! As if! Chah! What were they thinking?! Oh well. Just have to make the best of it. I also found that poly-pro tights make all the difference. Also, somehow, there is always more than enough food for the guards. It's like a total loaves and fishes scenario.

But I swear on things that people consider holy, I'm gonna bust some heads if the bickering and infighting doesn't stop. I've got a bloody show to put on, and if the gossip-mongers and pot-stirrers and dramaphiles don't quit interfering, there's gonna be pain. I'm a patient guy, I really am. But Jesus. Kids and adults. Bitching, whining, sticking their noses where they don't belong! If you didn't hear it from both sides involved directly, then shut up. You can't know the whole story just looking at two people. Never assume. Stop your scoffing and sneering. As long as it's not affecting the job or the show, shut up. If you have an issue with someone, say something. Don't yammer on about how awful it is, or how hurt you feel. If you feel left out, or your contribution was ignoring, or someone forgot you did this or that, then talk to them. But don't be a turd about it. Some things you can't help. It happens. Decisions and circles above your pay grade. It happens. And bitching won't change it. It'll only make others miserable, too. So quitcher bitchin' and get back to work. If you're asked to do something by someone who is your boss, just bloody do it. Don't do it long enough for the boss to go away. You don't have to like your bosses. But you are expected to listen to them if they give a reasonable order. Just try not doing something a boss asks you to do in the real world just because you don't like them and see what happens. Don't undermine a peer's authority. If they don't respect a peer's authority, how long before they stop respecting yours? And never take the quiet ones for granted. Maybe they don't do it for the accolades like some of you jack-offs. That doesn't mean they don't appreciate getting a little thanks now and then. But never assume that just because they've always been there and always done their job that they always will. Everyone has breaking points. Don't poke the bear. It's a bad idea.

it's astounding, time is fleeting, madness takes its toll

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