Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Weekday Update

Good TV? What the heck? Season 2 of Chuck, Season 5 of House, Season 3 of Heroes. Lots of good stuff on.

Faire is running par for course. Last weekend was hecktacular. Opening weekend AND a Mamma D's show for the Sultan's Tent. It was hectic.

I have an interview tomorrow with a computer shop in Concord. It looks like an awesome setup. The coolest part, is I put in my resume this evening around 7:00-7:30. I got a call back and a phone interview about 20 minutes later. The result is a technical interview tomorrow morning at 11AM. This is the first real good lead I've had in months. Four months of this job search crap and a move back home later, and things actually look hopeful for a change. But I've got more applications and resumes to put in. I can't bank on anything actually working these days. Wish me luck.

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