Friday, April 17, 2009

Tired of Looking at it

So I posted something else. Bwahaha?

In other news, that's more of the same, I am, continuously, looking for employment. I am in no fear of starving or homelessness, but I am running quickly broke. I am, one way or another, going to school full time in the fall. I'm tired of sitting around talking about it. So I'm doing it. Most likely, it will be an institution within an hour or less of where I am now. UNCG and Catawba are the most likely candidates at this point. I just need a little cash between now and then. It doesn't have to be great pay or even full time. A summer job. I've got a lot of retail and pc technician experience and I've worked with kids for a few years. I might see if the YMCA is hiring summer help for programs there. Might be worth it for the access to a better priced membership.

I'm reading a lot. Wasting a lot of time on video games, movies, tv shows. I'm actually playing RPG's again with some of the old gang, so that's fun. I've started messing around with my various Warhammer and Warhammer40K armies, I just to need to see what kind of supplies I have on hand, go from there.

My room is in a state that, at first glance might be confused with tidy. It is, at least, clean. Though I'd much rather be busy, paid, and a mess.

For anyone that didn't know, I fasted for Lent, using a variation of the Ramadan fast. I ate nothing from sun up to sun down. After dark, I would eat a regular meal, but keeping an eye on portions and content. During the day I could drink anything I wanted that was an actual drink. Oddly, I avoided regular soda. No shakes or smoothies, but water, juice, milk, energy drinks were all ok. The Fast served several purposes. The first was as a religious observance, sharing in the suffering of Christ's 40 days in the desert. The second was taking a conscious look at what and why I was eating at any given point, paying attention to the difference between satisfied and full, and making a conscious effort to cram as much nutrtion into any one given meal and avoid empty, fast meals like McDonald's, etc. The third was as a means of jumpstarting a change in diet and lifestyle to trim down.

Weight I am unconcerned with. I'm ok weighing 300 lbs. if I have a trim stomach. That being said, I started Lent at 265. At last weigh (this morning) I weigh 255. Not a huge leap for the almost 7 weeks of Lent, but it's a move in the right direction. I spent a weekend in Boone a couple of weeks ago and went around to a few spots to look at employment possibilities (I also looked seriously at App State for schooling) and I actually managed to get into a pair of jeans with a 34 inch waist. Not terribly comfortably, but it was something I haven't been able to do at all in years. They were cut horribly for anyone that possessed any kind of male anatomy, though. On sale or not, I wasn't buying them in 34 or my usual 36. So there. I'm trimming down. I wish I knew someone in the Salisbury area to workout or exercise with. I'm terrible lazy and I do better when I've got someone to help push me along. I try my best, though. I eat significantly less than I use to. This isn't to say I'm crash dieting or starving. I just ate too much too often. Stuffing yourself with good food from time to time is ok. I'd say healthy, but I have a whole mind-body-soul approach to health, not just one part at a time. You just can't push the full button everytime you eat. There's no point. I also eat when I'm hungry, only. I don't eat when I'm bored anymore. The Fast helped kick that habit. I do have some willpower.

So that's the news. It's not much. But I haven't posted in months and I was tired of looking at my last post.

i feel i must interject here

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