Sunday, April 19, 2009

TV Reviews!

Ok. So. Castle. It's a new series on ABC. Nathan Fillion plays a writer of detective mysteries. He ends up involved in a murder investigation that copied some of the murders in his books. He helps a savvy lead female detective solve the murder and, using his connections in the mayor's office, gets himself attached to the unit he worked with so he can annoy, help, and get inspiration from Det. Beckett. It's got clever writing and Nathan Fillion plays his usually smartassery to a fantastic tee!

Other shows I've been watching that are awesome:

Breaking Bad - It's just an intriguing drama. High school chemistry teacher is a scientific GENIUS. He's diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, and, through his DEA brother-in-law, gets the brainstorm to get into meth production. Not really a "hero" story, but a very interesting look at humans in extreme circumstances. The breakdown of the "good" teacher, but the slow redemption of the teacher's former student, a meth dealer and user. (AMC)

Burn Notice - Bruce Campbell. Enough said, really, but I'll go on. CIA operative gets framed and put on a tight leash in Miami. He is joined by on-and-off again girlfriend, Fiona, ex-IRA trigger bunny, Sam (The Bruce!), ex FBI, and his mother. He uses his skills in a pseudo-A-team, pseudo-Robin-Hood sense to help people in need while looking for the ones responsible for putting him in his current state. Very smart, very clever. (USA)

Chuck - I've spoken on this one before, but it stays just as good as the series keeps going. (NBC)

Heroes - Not everyone likes it. And it's easy to get lost, but I've stuck with it. Having access to torrents of the HD versions of the episodes help, visually. It's a good show, still, in my opinion, if a bit opaque at times. The latest episodes have started to clear out some of the murk and stabilize the show. (NBC)

House, MD - Come ON! How can you NOT like this show? It's a great medical mystery show. I like watching Wilson and House's dynamic and the continuing evolution of the characters. And it's on Fox, of all thing. WTF? (FOX)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - You can all just shut up. I like it. It's entertaining. It fills in the gap of "greatest star pilot in the galaxy" you don't see in the movies a whole lot. Plus the art style is compelling and unique, in my opinion. It's fun! (Cartoon Network)

The Tudors - Period drama. Great costumes, but a few historical liberties. No less entertaining for it, though. Typical premium cable swearing and nudity, but not a prime focus, thankfully. (Showtime)

Transformers Animated - Such a fantastic homage to the original G1 series and the movie(s). Some poeople don't like the stylized art, but I do. Makes the toys fun, too, and provides a contrast to the hyper-realism of the movie(s). Megatron is awesome and cunning instead of prone to histrionics. Starscream is actually compentent, even capable. Good stuff. (Cartoon Network)

i want my (m)tv

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