Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Je returne?

So I have a lot of down time between classes. But my brain is actually firing on more than one cylinder for a change (y'know, actually needing to do more than the automatic functions required for continued existance) and that means I actually get creative impulses for a change. And I need to also take a look at my song collection. I have more...poignant? music than I thought. Random, my foot.

So a po-em. I make no promises as to its quality.

God is love.
Love is music.
Music is God.

Ok, that's the philosophical "truth" I've stumbled on. And now the po-em.

Your love is the music I heard,
The song my soul was made to sing.

The song is gone.

Bring your love back to me.
Bring back your song.
The song became dischord.
I know it's my fault.
My voice lost the key.
I was deaf to your pitch.

I have been made to hear again.
But all I hear is silence;
Overbearing, deafening silence.
I have been made to hear again.
My ears have been opened.
I kneel in penitence before you.

I hear no more music.
I can sing no song.
I can only remember what it was
Once when I sang with you.

Please bring your song back to me.
Let me sing with you again.
Whispered verses,
I miss you.
Spoken choruses,
I love you.
Panted descants,
I need you, I long for you.
Melody's crescendo!
Touch me, love me, I am not afraid.

Ma petit chanson, je t'adore pour tous les temps.

te amo sempris

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