Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I feel crafty. By which I mean that I have crafted something. Gasp! Tonight I finally got around to, what amounted to, chopping up my old thigh-high round-toe renaissance boots. They had seen seven seasons of faire, and at least four other faire visits. They had been resoled. This season early in I noticed that the right boot was having issues. On the outside and inside on the rounding of the ball of my foot, the leather had split from the sole. No way was there enough leather left to resole them. Not to mention they still didn't have enough heel. So tonight I put my plan into action. I have, essentially, turned the thigh-high boots into a pair of thigh-high spats. I put them on over my combat boots. So far, it's turned out pretty good. I can use my spurs to hold them spats down for now, but tomorrow I plan to hit up the K- and Wal-Marts and scour for some really really cheap belts I can chop up and rivet onto the bottom for a more secure connection. I'm also going to look into some grommets so's maybe I can split the seam up a little on the back in the bottom for a little easier fitting on, then just lace it back down, tie it tight. Though I might just make another excuse for a buckling. Who knows! My finished project I will post a picture of here! Hopefully tomorrow!


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Oi! Where's the pictures?