Thursday, December 22, 2005


I'm doing that whole one post a week thing again, aren't I? Hmm.

Lots of stuff has gone down of late. I've seen a number of excellent movies. Crackhead Mike might be finally on his way to fired. And all of my holiday shopping is done. Whee!

The Chronicles of Narnia - Holy cow. Disney movie making at its best. Very close to the book. Even dark at points, but still very family friendly. Even kept all the Christ allegoricalness it's famous for.

King Kong - Ok, I was surprised. I wasn't all that hyped about the movie. Despite Peter Jackson being behind the wheel. Peter Jackson's King Kong, to me, was sounding like Joss Whedon's The Pride and the Prejudice. Great director, sure, but a great movie? Mr. Jackson, I apologize. Kong was emotive and sympathetic. All of the characters had a depth and realism to them. Even the "bad" guys had redeeming qualities, sympathetic qualities. A very moving film. And further proof that Peter Jackson is incapable of making a short movie.

So all of my holiday shopping is done. Which is weird. Because I don't usually have much of anything to do holiday shopping-wise. First year I've really done much at all. First year I've really had the money to do anything. It's kinda nice, actually. I just hope it all gets here in time. Most of it has. And there's still several days for it to come in yet. Whee.

it's the hap-happiest season of all

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