Monday, March 27, 2006

License to Geek

Ack! I was about to have my Geekcraft License revoked! I got a new phone on Friday and I've not said work one about it! How lame of me! It's a Motorola ROKR E1. It's a little on the NOT BRAND NEW OMG! side, but it's still a sweet phone. Bluetooth and iTunes capable. While I'm not a user of iTunes, I can certainly put that MicroSD card to use with my music! I was able to get a "Qualified Upgrade" on the phone, so I was able to get it for $50. As opposed to the usual $200 price tag. So yay that! It's got a camera attached, too. I've already taken a few pictures for use as ringer ID photos. And this phone allows me to set a ring tone for individual phone numbers, which is kinda exciting to me. As soon as my little USB/Bluetooth adapter gets here, I'll be transfering a few mp3's over so I can have a plethora of ringtones! Yay!


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