Sunday, March 19, 2006

St. What's Day?

I am somewhat sad. I, for the most part, missed St. Patrick's Day. My Geek Squad uniform is forbidden to have such individualisation that any St. Patty's Day decorations might be. Can't change the color of the undershirt to green or wear a shamrock pin or sticker. And because I had to open yesterday, I couldn't drink much. Chris and I shared a solemn double of Jameson over ice. Speaking of opening, I've been doing far too much of it of late. For the last week, I've been doing naught but open. And I've got two more days of it ahead. Later today is a meeting at 8AM, and tomorrow(Monday) I have to be in at 7. It's been months since they've given me that duty.

And in the "So What Else Is New?" department, Crackhead Mike is ever closer to dismissal. Our admin is looking into the ramifications of each of us making written statements as to his lack of quality as an employee. And speaking of Crackhead Mike...

It seems that Scott, the operations manager, has decided that the Geek Squad needs an intern in his never-ending quest to ruin the Greensboro Geek Squad precinct. This intern is like an uneducated, unskilled and socially retarded version of our uneducated, unskilled and socially retarded Crackhead Mike. They get along famously. However, Nicholas has a nasty habit of second guessing us when we tell him to do something a certain way. I don't care if you think not doing the optional updates will cause upset customers. Best Buy and Geek Squad procedures are to do the High Priority updates. No more, no less. I don't care what you think, I don't care what you say. It is done this way. Do it this way or go away. Also: It is not in your best interest to butt in and second guess the agent at the counter talking to a customer. We are in the uniform, you are not. We are paid professionals, you are an unpaid intern here against our will. Shut. Up.

In happier news, I rearranged my room. I had a clotting problem at the foot of my bed as a result of my desk and chair being right in line with the bed in the middle of the room, with my tv being in the corner to the right. So I switched out the desk and TV, creating a whole flow to the room. I moved my dresser next to the bed, added a fan and replaced the overhead incandescent with a flourescent one, making my room notably cooler and more open. Yay! Now to go about making all the furniture in here of a dark cherry color. Hmmm...

wake up maggie, i think i got somethin' to say to you

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