Sunday, March 05, 2006

Who? What? I was listening!

Wow. So where have I been the last six days, huh? I was worried sick about me. I don't call, I don't write. I'm not the man I met a year ago.


Or something.


More likely it's that I've been doing the work or sleep routine for the last six days. Gorram retail. Though, really, I can't blame retail. I can blame StaffWorks, which is the scheduling software BestBuy uses. We hates it. It doesn't look at week A when making the schedule for week B, making it so that a full time employee might work, say, Tuesday through Saturday of one week, and then Sunday, making a total of six days, with a ONE DAY OF OFF, then right back to the slog mines. Argh. This will change soon. I have spoken with the Supervisor. If that doesn't work, I'll just change my availablility to make the program give me two days off. Rah. But it's Sunday. So I was home before 8PM. And no work tomorrow, thank you Jesus, just some chores. And I close Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I'll finally be able to get some sleep in. Holy crap.

Oh yeah! I had my review today. I will be getting a raise. I don't know how much of a raise, but a raise. And we like raises. Yes, precious. Who knows, maybe it'll be keyed in by my next paycheck. That'd be pretty cool.

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