Thursday, January 05, 2006

2006: The Dawn of WTF?!

Or at least if the trend of the last few days continues as it has, this is what we can all look forward to. Or at least all of us here in my mad little circle. There's not much I can write about right at this moment. Or at least not in great detail. There are things I wish I could spell out and spill out, but part of being me is keeping the confidence of those I love. At least in this journal anyway. But there's a lot of chaos and hurt. Most of it understandable, but a lot of it is the result of really stupid things. Like continuing to pressure and press and not giving room. Or continuing to talk to people and read letters that will only cause you anguish and hurt and blur your vision, ruin clarity of thought. Don't be childish. And the moment you use your moral high ground, you immediately use it. If you love, then you forgive. Maybe it's not so easy, but you do. And everyone: stop with the bullshit. Nobody likes it, and it only serves to piss everyone off. Which helps exactly no one. So there.

In other news, hours have been absolutely hell and I CANNOT get away from these absolutely inane customers! WTF?! IF you broke your computer because you tried to put 8 year old software on a BRAND NEW F***ING PC don't come into the store with an attitude about ME when I tried to offer solutions your mistakes! Jesus!

it's pretty bad when you can't tell the everyday crazy from the special delivery


John said...

I think it's mostly special delivery these days.

Anonymous said...

2006. The dawn of 'wtf'.
The Afternoon of Elightenment. And as the sun fades...
Who knows.
But as sure as the sun fades,
It will rise again.
And it has.
And it forever will...bringing with it a new day. A new start. A fresh perspective on the erstwhile dawn.
Truth can NEVER cloud judgement. Only lies and misleading can.
Armed with truth we atain true vision.
Vision to change...
Vision to guide...
Vision to understand WHY.
And the vision to use that understanding to your heart's capacity..
Whether it be in healing your own pain, or guiding the hurtful in their healing.
It's in truth, nothing else...and if we love, we understand...we guide. Or at least we try. And try and try...sometimes in vein, but yet we still try. Others try as well, but alas, the love and forgiveness mean nothing. The pattern goes on.
Sometimes it's IN love and forgiveness that we actually lose clarity...we lose 'that' vision.
Life's too short to wander about blindly...because you're bound to run smack into a brick wall.