Saturday, January 07, 2006

Skywarp LIVES!

Ah, the adventures of flashing the BIOS. I thought I had finally tweaked the motherboard into the great beyond. But I was finally able to flash the BIOS correctly. But...I still have the half RAM issue. Which I fear may be an issue not with the motherboard but with the processor. Alas. Thought, interestingly enough, the Sempron 64 at 1.6GHz with 256MB of RAM recognized is still faster than Megatron's 2.0 P4 with 1024MB RAM. Who knew? Granted Meggy's a laptop, but still. Maybe the computer is really recognizing the full 512 chip, but only reporting half? Who knows. It works. And I have GLORIOUS 1600x1200 resolution again. With FABULOUS 5.1 surround sound! Yay!

megatron, my leader. we are alive again!

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