Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Wow. So a lot has happened and I've been far too lazy to post! What a loser am I! So let's break it down, shall we?

First, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. Excellent little RTS game. Squad based, still. You make squads of soldiers that can be expanded out to fullness or left at their original size. Doesn't follow the rules of the tabletop game it's based on, but it's an RTS not turned-based with pre-established army sizes. But it's still awesomely fun!

Second, our washer and dryer finally got delivered today! And I'll tell you with no shame that I was starting a load of laundry before the delivery guy had closed the door on his way out! Knowing that the appliances were being delivered soon, the last load of laundry I did at the complex laundramat was about a week ago and only had two pairs of jeans and a handful of t-shirts. The rest was work clothes, since I had to have those. But in a couple more loads, all my dirty clothes will be clean! Exciting!

I had a very strange dream. I was on what seemed in my head to be some sort of campus. Only it was huge. Like a business in it's uniformity and scale. A huge business park. But there were rules. Strange rules. Like an escalator you could only ride up if you were feeling "up." A stair case that split around a lift that if you walked down either side, you slowed down like you were in slo-mo, but if you took the lift, you were fine. But something was happening, strange occurances, rumors of a dark thing happening that only happened once every 20 or so years. Something big happens across the campus, so some others and I take off across a stretch of the campus comprised of three rising sets of walkways. The walkways are lined on the left with a series of hedges. beyond the hedges is a beach head with humongous waves. I don't know this because I saw them in this dream, but because my self in the dream knew that 1, this was a dream, and that 2, the beach was there and one I had dreamed about some weeks ago. Weirdness. But the others in my group were running along the topmost walkway, safer, but it slowed you down a little. Granted, we all had some powers or another so they were fast enough, but they weren't running as fast as I was. But I was on the bottom. No one took the bottom because on some of the spaces there was a gel. A magic reducing gel. (I've been reading a ridiculous amount of Harry Potter in the last few weeks, not too mention hours and hours of anime). But for me, this gel actually provided a defensive bonus. I seemed to be lacking in magical power, but I had a natural resistance to it. I didn't generally make that known, but most of the other people on the campus avoided me because of my affinity for the substance that was like a poison to so many of them. Behind me was a short, slender anime-esque girl with pale skin, waist-length deep purple hair. She had the same ability as I did regarding the deep blue magic-sapping gel. Only she had a tendency to run it through her hair. Which seemed to act, for her, like a conditioner. And with all the hair, she was constantly wearing a layer of magical defense. She also liked to throw the stuff at her attackers. Her name was Setsuka. Weird! Then I woke up as I made it to the end of the walkways. But the guy was here with the washer and dryer, so it was acceptable.

erlie in tha mornin'

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