Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Spoke Too Soon

OK, so I spoke a little too soon on the ditching of AMD. It's still a lot cheaper to just get a new CPU. Which I did. And everything works fine now. Or at least fine enough. My heatsink isn't working like the old one did. The new CPU is actually meant for mobile use, not desktop. So my old heatsink doesn't sit quite right. Alas. So I have ordered a new one that everyone says does sit right with the Athlon64 DTR's. But for now, I have a temporary solution. I cut the old heat spreader off the (now) defunct Sempron and slapped it between the HSF(heatsink and fan) and the CPU. It's not great. Temperature is about the same as the old chip. But soon. Very soon.

In other news, will all the pissed off idiots stop coming to bother me at work? I don't care what you think, sir, the Kingston and the PNY RAM are really about the same. If you wanted the better one, you'd have picked the Corsair. And no ma'am, we did not steal your RAM. You're nuts. And to the other ma'am later, I would like to add that you're a bitch for insisting that I help no one else while you go out to your car to get your card to pay for the service I am about to render in front of you. It's a three minute job I'm about to do. While you're running your sweet little self out to the car, I could have checked that guy behind you and said good day. But no. You had to be a bitch. Which is why I charged you $29 for a nothing task. Have a nice day.

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The Blue-Eyed Rascal said...

Hey, so our pirate concept didn't blow my class and professor away as I hoped it would have. I was so excited her her to read my concept, and it wasn't very well received. It wasn't like they didn't like it, appearantly I left a too much to be desired in my description. However, in my defense, a concept can be no longer than two relatively short sentences. How could I have possibly put our entire back story into the concept?? I wrote "A sixteen year old girl must become captain of a pirate ship and rescue her crew that has been captured"... or some mess like that. And everyone looked at me funny like, 'how can she be captain if the crew is captured?' yadda yadda.... so I had to fill them in, and STILL they weren't horribly impressed... I'll show them... Mark my words. My worst fear is that is that she'll LOVE my vegetarian/smoker relationship concept, or worse yet, the lottery winners... This is why I'm not a writer. But I still think the pirate thing rocks... Oh, and they told me to go younger with the girl, like 12. And either make it a modern-day stereo smuggling type piece or I'd have to make it Pippy Longstocking-esque. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Pippy but I don't think we have to go to that extreme in order to have a box office hit. But what the hell do I know?