Sunday, February 26, 2006


So there's this old mill built near an old gold mine in Jamestown (a suburb of Greensboro). Someone thought to convert the mill/main building of the mine/land into a castley type deal. All told the place is pretty sweet. Anyway, hey hosted a Carnevale costume-esque masquerade-y type thing this past Saturday. Lots of folk in costume. A vastness of people in club clothes with cheap masks and a lot of goth punks (tell that to a goth or someone claiming to be punk and watch them puff up) wandering about, but there was a large collection of actual Venetian inspired masquerading going on. And aside from that, there were several just awesome costumes. I've a few pictures I'll add presently.

That's me in the middle with Wes (left) and Doug (roommate, right) at Fire and Sticks Japanese steakhouse prior to Carnevaling.

Heather and Squatch looking very happy to have their picture taken.

This is Suzie at the actual event.

Lani looking very blue (da ba dee, da ba die).

An, admittedly poor, side shot of King Neptune. A lot of these costumes got ridiculously extravagent.

Like the poorly photgraphed "The Iron Man" here. Man, what an awesome costume that was.

And lastly, but leastly, me in my mail and surcoat.

here she comes again


The Blue-Eyed Rascal said...

So... wow.
Hey, who else from our little posse attended this unusual gathering?

Anonymous said...

Who are Suzie and Wes? Do I know Suzie and Wes?
--Lenore, who may or may not appear as John.

The Blue-Eyed Rascal said...

Yeah! Who the hell are Suzie and Wes? Lenore, are you wearing your John costume again? And hey Justin... sometimes your word verification is really long... it's like writing a novel sometimes... sheesh.

Julien Grey said...

Suzie is Heather Watkins's roommate. Wes belongs to the Denton group of Rennies including Lisa the Horn Booth lady. Very tall skinny woman, she. Associated to us by way of Heather's ex-boyfriend, Bo.

Anonymous said...

Does this place have a website?