Friday, February 17, 2006

Random Day Off

Today was nice. It was a random Friday off. I actually managed to get a lot done. Who knew? I slept a whole damn lot. I passed out around 8:30 last night. And aside from about 30 minutes from 10:30 to 11:00PM, I slepy until about 1:39 this afternoon. Man. That was just what the doctor ordered. I'd been have a cold in sections all week. Started with a mild fever on Sunday with some minor aches and weariness. Then earlier this week, the achiness was gone, but instead, I was dry and scratchy of breathe and throat. And here towards the end of the week, I have been sneezy snuffily, but none of the aching and horrible dry feeling. *shrug* This weather sure ain't helpin' none. It was 70 degrees out today. In February. The heck. And tomorrow (the next day, for those at home keeping count) is forcasted with a HIGH of 35 with a chance of sleet and snow. Bloody hell! This is weird even for North Carolina! I want cold and snow like a few years ago when half of North Carolina lost power. Yeah, it sucked but cold and snow like that. I want a reason to need this ecxessive ability to handle cold not heat that I have. Instead of living in a constant level of "just a hair too warm to really be comfortable in clothing." It's annoying, really. Especially considering I spend half my waking life in pants. And forced to wear shoes. Don't ask me how it works, but often when I am too warm, I just take off my socks and shoes, and bam. My feeling of the temperature is regulated out to something more comfortable. I'm baffled.

Anyway. Got some contacts today! Yay insurance! It's very nice having some actual peripheral vision. Soon I'll actually get some new glasses. These glasses have served me well, but I've had them since 10th grade or there's about. Almost 7 or 8 years. It's time for some new ones.

Crackhead Mike, it turns out, is not leaving, as previously rumored. It seems his scheme (read: utter BS) of getting refurbished iPods from Indonesia fell through thanks to local political unrest. Uh-huh. Either way, we're stuck with him. At least until I can figure out how to get him fired. I'm not malicious, but he makes a huge mess back there that takes all the rest of us in the precinct to clean up. We've had to give away a lot of labor in refunds or free work in relation to his screw ups. He seems to abjectly refuse to follow the operating procedures. But we can't fire him because it would negatively affect our turnover rate and God forbid we should jeopardize that cheap plastic trophy we just got for having a low turnover rate. God forbid. This is why I fear I'll never become a manager. I just don't have the tolerance for bullshit necessary for it.


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