Sunday, February 12, 2006


First snow for me in the longest time. Though it's not the same as at mom's. That kinda mad me a little sad. You have to understand that I love snow. Nothing to me is prettier than a blanket of white below and above. In a more rural setting, falling snow brings a very calming hush to the world. It was nice to see, but here in the city, it loses some of its calming effect. But it still snowed. And like all day. It was too warm for accumulation, sadly, but it kept going anyway. It was nice.

Impatiently, do I await the arrival of my Eldar army. Having all but mastered the Dark Angels, I figured it was about time I got to building the army I originally thought about. Eldar. Space Elves. Don't get me wrong, I love my Dark Angels. So much about them resonates thematically with me. Dark and brooding, the fact that they are considered the First Space Marine Chapter Evaarrrr, of all the chapters in the mythos, the Dark Angels are the only ones that got split in half during the Horus Heresy (where half the good guy armies went bad, for the non-40K players out there) as opposed to the rest which went one way or the other, they're slower moving and very shooty, stubborn as hell. But the Eldar are just so damn sweet looking. Nothing, even the Mighty Land Raider, is cooler looking than the Eldar Falcon Grav Tank. They are, however, a much weaker army. But to counter that, they're much, much faster. It'll be a new thing for me, but I'm looking forward to it. But I chose the Ulthwe (of the Damned) army to field. A lot of freaky psychic powers and a brooding black and bone color scheme. This will be fun. It's just a shame that Jerod's 'Nids will chew through them just as easily as they do my Dark Angels. Oh well.

Wow. Another 4AM post. I need to start going to bed a whole lot earlier. o.O

Oh yeah. Getting sick? Sucks. Getting sick enough to need to stay home..for ME..really, really sucks. Bleh.

tolkien-based heavy metal...yum

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John said...

Hooray snow! Lenore and I stood by the kitchen windows and watched it come down a bit. It was nice.