Monday, February 20, 2006

The Scrimshaw Falcon

Wow. Sounds like a cool name for a book or something. But alas, it refers to a model. I put together and painted the Eldar Falcon grav tank that I have (of two) a few days ago, and just got to painting it last night. And since the Ulthwe army I want to field uses black and bone with red accenting (a familiar paint scheme. hmmm.) I thought a few bone-colored panels would look good along the sides. And then I remembered something I had seen in a Siegler's & Co. catalog I had. Scrimshaw. For those who don't know, scrimshaw is a term for artwork carved into bone or horn. It originates from the whaling days of the 1800's. Sailors would often carve artwork into whale teeth to pass the time out at sea, and then sell the artwork when they got back to shore. So I copied some of the mappy-type notions from the scrimshaw, fiddled out a few runes, and bam! scrimshaw falcon. It looks pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.

And today is day one of two off in a row for me. A rare priveledge in the retail world. And I started it in good style by sleeping until 3:30PM. Huzzah. Might just get stuff done of the cleaning type the next couple of days. Shock of shocks.

In other news today, I've started the overclocking of Skywarp. I've currently juiced it up to 2.0GHz instead of the 1.8 it came out of the box with. I've not fully tweaked the voltage just yet, though, so I might be able to squeeze a little more juice out of this machine soon! But, I must go wantingly check the mail to see if any more of my over-priced space elves have made it in yet.


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Jerod said...

I've seen pictures of the Falcon, it's awesome.