Wednesday, May 17, 2006


24. Not usually a significant number to reach in years. And it's really not. But it is another year. How did I get this old so fast? Wasn't I just 21? I'm not old enough to be 24. In recent weeks, I've been looking back at my years since high school. All the wrong turns I took, the mistakes I've made. In the last year, I think, I've finally started to turn things around for myself. I've started to correct the mistakes I made. But, of course, it's a lot harder and longer than if I'd just done the right thing from the start. But I'm ever stubborn, which, ultimately, could spell my downfall if left unchecked. But enough of that.

Sunday was a pleasant enough day, I think. I called my mom, since I couldn't make it home. Then she came up after I got off of work, and I got to have dinner with her, Randy, Jerod, and Jenna. We all came back to the apartment, opened cards, laughed and hung out for a little bit. It was pleasant, if low-key.

Monday, work. Boy. Got into an argument with Scott, who instead of just making himself the boss over Renny and the Geek Squad is now actually the boss over Renny and the Geek Squad. Oy. Because the ENTIRE REST OF THE STORE is incapable of selling Geek Squad services, causing us to not make budget, Scott is determined to ignore the rules and MAKE us go out onto the floor to pick up the rest of the store's slack. And still do our jobs. With less hours. And poor coverage. Set up for the fail! Yay! But it's ok. I bought the DVD of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Glee! I came home, took a nap. Yay nap! Then Chris and I hopped out for a bit so I could buy some boots. See, I needed a taller than flat shoe for my kilt. Because I plan to wear it to Mike and Beth's wedding on Saturday. I don't get to break out the kilt near enough. I need to fix that. So I found me a pair of nice, brown, steel-toe clod-hoppers. I prefer the term shit-kickers, but that's not as clean in wording, is it? And crap-kickers is just lame. Waffle-stompers! Yay Doug! I miss that cartoon. Then I came home and ate the leftovers from dinner Sunday night. Mmm, Chicken Alfredo. Went to bed early for me.

Tuesday. Slept until 4. Man. My bed was sooooo comfy. Cool sheets, the fan, the darkness, the weightless-y feeling of the firmwave waterbed. Though I suppose I could have gotten up at 1:30 when I first opened my eyes. I had intended to just sleep a few more minutes. But that turned into 2 1/2 hours. Like it always does. But I'm well rested! Chris cooked some turkey and stuffing veggie bake in a box stuff. Nothing special, but tasty. Went out to sing some karaoke, and I actually sang a song. Gasp! It was Stevie Ray Vaughn's Sky is Cryin', by the by. And then I came home and watched Advent Children. Whee, what a day.

I'm pretty much costing for the rest of the week. Mike's wedding is Saturday, and I'm excited about that. Mike and Beth have been together for years now. It was about time anyway. And I'll get to see everyone down Salisbury way, which is always fun. And I don't dress up often, little call for it, really. So another rare chance for me. Then it's a few short days of work and next Thursday it's off to Oklahoma for 5 days! Whee!

can't ya see the tears roll down my nose


needleseye said...

In these parts, shit kickers are cowboy/western boots, also a derogatory term for an ignorant cowboy/redneck sort. I'm not sure there isnt a dance named that too. Thew me off whe you said you bought some. hehe! Now you can understand why.

John said...

It's your birthday!? Happy birthday!

Day is a vestigial mode of measurement based on...
I didn't get you anything.

What do you want though? Maybe I can get something shipped there as a belated present.

The Blue-Eyed Rascal said...

Hey, you. Happy belated birthday! I actually knew it was your birthday on the 15th, but I was out of town and unable to call.
You sang karoke? Wow. Can't picture that. Never heard/seen you sing.
Well, talk to you later.