Monday, May 29, 2006

Day 4, a day late.

It's a day late, but yesterday was just so busy, by the time I got back to the room, I was just too tired to post anything. But I've got even more pictures for you!

This was a two story eating type place. Picnic tables and benches were upstairs as well. Pretty cool! We need one at CRF.

King Henry VIII on his carriage. Note the lack of professionalism in the royal guards. Tsk, tsk.

Town garrison guards. This is as sharp as they looked the whole time I was there.

Siege weapons a-plenty!

I was able to go out on the joust field for some close-up shots of the falconry show. The Harris Hawk there flew right on to that little girls arm. It was awesome!

A shot from the "hedge line" of photographers on the field as Lady Valkyrie the Harris Hawk flew up close and landed on another volunteers arm.

A local Oklahoma vineyard had a booth based in another two story eating area building. CRF really, like, so needs one or two of these. Yay shade!

The stage the belly dancers used. There in the distance you can see one of them undulating pleasantly.

One of the royal guards. There were two there guarding a princess, I think. Guards without weapons? Yeesh.

That's Kae's vendor tent in the middle there and the guy in the blue over there is the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Too many "real" people about.

the hero of canton, the man they call jayne

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