Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Cat Who Liked Ranch Dressing

No, it's not the title of the next Cat Who... book by Lilian Jackson Braun. What it is, however, is my cat's strange tastes. He won't drink leftover milk from a bowl of cereal, like the rest of the cats I've ever owned do. Nor does he like ice cream. But he will, however, engorge himself on the bits of ranch dressing leftover in a salad bowl, or any left over pasta sauces. Silly cat.

So Adam got me a copy of Elder Scrolls VI: Oblivion. Oh. My. GOD. Such a sweet game. And the first game to ever give my Radeon X1300 Pro a workout. Granted I am dealing with a setup that's around a year out of date for top of the line. I've maxed out the hardware I've got. But my word is it pretty. With a guest voice spot by Patrick Stewert, even. Which, really, you can't go wrong there. And the story is shaping up to be as thick and complicated as Daggerfall and Morrowind were. Which is just excellent as far as I'm concerned. The only problem I've noticed is that the ridiculously realistic environment and my resolution, it makes it realistically difficult to see everything! Jiminy! Go buy it!

love at first sight

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