Friday, May 26, 2006

Day 2, Tulsa

Not much to report, so far. Slept in, which was nice. The Super 8 I'm staying at isn't much, but the king size bed is fantastic. I can lay out alond the width of it and only my feet dangle off the edge. PLENTY of sprawl space. Grabbed some grub at a local greasy spoon called Metro Diner. I think it was one of the places Alene mentioned she liked. Hopefully, We'll all be free to head out to a pub Alene knows and likes. Sounds like an awesome place.

Last night, Katherine and myself were hanging about with Alene at her place when we were all invited to eat barbeque by her parents. And they are a fun bunch, I tell ya what. Alene certainly makes a little more sense now! ;) Snapped a couple of pictures of us playing Scrabble (the excitement!) to share, though.

Here's Alene after I get my crap all settled in the room. She's glad to have finally been able to hang out with some Browncoats, having missed the North Carolina Big Damn Movie Premiere Party.

Scrabble! Sport of Kings! And that's what my draws usually looked. Maybe a vowel. Lots of consonants.

Katherine placing a word. Boy, I tell ya. Scrabble. You can tell we're a bunch of wild ones.

Ok. So maybe we're at least a little crazy.

Then we all went back to my huge ass room and had long drunken philosophical discussions on, Browncoatism, Star Wars, brutal removal of the male genitalia and religion. It's going to be an interesting weekend.

there must be an angel

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Juliet said...

Justin! Looks like you're having a blast!! I'm jealous, but happy to see you enjoying yourself! Chris and I wish we could have come along. I for one would rather be playing scrabble than doing my final project!! DT is okay. He misses daddy. Have a great time and take LOTS OF PICTURES!!!! LOVE YOU MAN! Oh and tell Alene and Katherine we say hello and give hugs all around.