Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tulsa, 3rd Day.


It was a little warm today. Just a little. But I looked fabulous in my new doublet. I snapped a goodly amount of pictures. Tomorrow I will take a larger number of pictures. OKRF has a pretty sweet site. The town is portioned into different "quarters", such as the Celtic Quarter, etc. I met Adam and Laura, who invited Katherine to help them in their vendor booth. Laura is a quieter woman, but Adam is an...interesting guy. Amusing, though. Tomorrow, lighter clothing. I made the visual presence, time for a day off. Now: pictures!

The local birds of prey show had a constant street presence. That's the first one I saw. A very pretty bird, she is.

This guy's act was a little stilted.

That's me all formal and buttoned tight in my spiffy new doublet. Mmm, custom made grey suede...

A pretty good shot of the May pole right outside Katherine's vender tent.


Another fine trebuchet on the site.

Me a little looser and a lot cooler.

On the site there's a shaded boardwalk. It was a beautiful (and cool!) little hideaway. I will say this about OKRF, it's an awesome site.

And lastly, a pretty good profile shot of me hanging out in Kae's vendor tent. Look at that hair!

i just want one more moondance with you

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