Thursday, May 25, 2006

LIve, from Tulsa

I'm coming to you live from my motel room in Tulsa! Excitement! I survived the cramped spaces and the 6:35AM flight time from Greensboro, no worse for wear. I did have a tasty, if rushed, breakfast consisting of a chicken sandwich and fries with a pint of Guiness(from the tap! TAP!) during my layover in Cincinnati. Cincinnati, by the by, has an amazingly awesome airport. I am, however, less impressed with Greensboro and Tulsa. But oh well. It's 2:25PM, Tulsa local. I'm getting ready to go grab some food and fun for the afternoon. I'll be reporting back in later.

she sends a cable coming in from above

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Static said...

Your kitty is going through EXTREME separation anxiety.

Last night every time the door opened, he jumped up and ran into the livingroom, thinking it was you. Then he would return to my room, cry piteously for a while, and then curl up in my lap.

He NEVER curls up in my lap.