Monday, July 03, 2006

Ah, food.

First "real" meal I've cooked in ages. I've been pretty good about the nutrition of late, but not when cooking so much. Granted it centered around one of those pre-packaged box meals, but that's just the foundation. Made up two boxes of chicken/mashed potatoes/biscuits in our big ol' casserole dish. Then cooked up some corn and peas with a box of mac and cheese. And I made some goooooood mac, I tell ya what. Added 5 oz. of milk, instead of the 4 it asked for and then made up for it with a whole lot of parmesean and american cheeses added to the cheese sauce mix. While it maybe wasn't, ah, slimming, it was, at least, nutritious. And no seconds. A full plate, true, but just the one plate. Which means that I have plenty of leftovers. Nothing like an easy lunch!

And a Cheerwine for "dessert." Mmmm, Cheerwine.

and they call me mellow yellow...

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