Monday, July 10, 2006


World of Warcrack.

A few days ago, I found a link, though I forget where, to a free 10 day trial for World of Warcraft. And, of course, I opted to give it a try. At first, I was loathe to delve into the game. It's artwork and colors are all very stylized and cartoon-like, full of bright colors. I guess I had grown used to Final Fantasy XI's more 'realistic' and muted colors and design. I was also somewhat put off by the fact that you can only learn two main professions. Which, in reality, means you choose one profession, and then have to learn the gathering skill for that profession. It wouldn't make any sense to make a Skinner/Blacksmith or an Herbalist/Leatherworker. But free? We can give it a shot for free. We can handle that.

And so far I'm liking it well enough. It's a lot (a hell of a whole lot) easier to level skills, professions, and class. Which is a double-edged sword. I remember it taking months to level to 18 in FFXI, but in the span of about three days of playing, I'm halfway to level 14. My profession skills are maxed out until I can find another trainer NPC. It's fun, though. And solo-ing is a lot easier to do, I've found. The drawbacks are there, though. The Looking For Group chat is constantly spammed with Chuck Norris Facts. And people yelling at the people spamming the LFG channel. And the people yelling at the people yelling at the people... A level 60 character is a little diminished in WoW, though, because it denotes a significantly less amount of time devoted to the game than, say, FFXI. If you saw a level 70 ANYTHING running around Vana'diel in FFXI you knew that cat had been around a while. Though, really, I think the highest level I've seen in my playing is around 25. I'm still in the n00b area, but my few trips into the main city, I haven't seen a whole lot of higher levels. I think I'm in a new server, but I haven't researched it or anything.

But if you play WoW and see a human warrior named Iustis running around on the Aerie Peak world, give a shout.

cry holy, holy, LORD


Rasmus said...

- Lvl'ing 51-52 is a bit harder than lvl-ing 13-14.

- getting to 60 is not half the battle. There are huge parts of the game left at 60.

- Make a tab dedicated for LFG. (Right-click on the tab)

Julien Grey said...

While I do not doubt this, Getting to level 13-14 in other games I've played was not as easy as it has been for me on WoW. But maybe I'm just lucky this time?