Thursday, July 27, 2006

A day of rest.

Aaah. Sleep. How I have missed thee. So far, my day off has been restful, unproductive and all around fantawesweetastic.

I played WoW until around, oh, dawn or so. Because it is, in fact, very fun to do so. Especially when you're running around kicking ass as a Paladin. Mmm, Paladin. I just learned the Ressurect spell, so I am well on my way to becoming a very viable party member.

I only ended up sleeping until around 11:30AM today. Which is far earlier than my usual 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. Heh. But it was a very nice six or so hours of sleep. I felt very well rested when Chris came in to wake me up to deliver some really good news.

See, we've been muttering to ourselves of late. Along with many plans we're putting into the works, we also came up with the notion of making a proposal to the apartment complex about being on-site, in-house security. Our plan is to make regular nightly patrols until a fairly reasonable hour. Flashlights, pseudo-tactical clothing, duty logs, incident reports, all that. We were going to ask for a small concession on our rent. Around $300 a month for the three of us. Chris went in with his proposal today, laid out our ideas. They agreed to everything but the concession. The offered HALF OFF THE RENT with the garage for FREE!!! That's right, instead of $400 a month a person ($1200 a month for rent, garage, water), they're talking about $600 a month for a 1,400 square foot apartment with three bedrooms. $200. A. Person. Holy cow.

Hugh is on his way out up here and we plan to celebrate with some fine Japanese cuisine.

now you feel like numba one, shining bright for everyone

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Anonymous said...

Daaaaaang. What a sweet deal. That couldn't have gone much better, could it?

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