Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ulthwe, for the win.

Another long day for the persons.

Y'know, I started to write this blog, then had to walk away after writing that first line and now I have no clue where the heck I was going with that. But I'm going to leave it. On a whim. Sucka.

Today was another pretty good day, despite having to be in at 10AM. (When will they learn?!) Work was actually rather blah. I got a few things done, but not really enough. Mostly because of the lack of help going around. See, even with the new full time employee, we've got a part-timer getting the heck out of dodge. And this new guy knows his stuff, he was even a Double Agent, but he doesn't know precinct work. So we've got to teach him the methods we use. I hate teaching. Renny was 45 minutes late today. Which is bad enough. But this story goes back a little farther than that. See, there was a blood drive today. And Annie and Amie were getting people signed up to give. I figured I hate avoided it long enough, and it was time to bite the bullet and just give. So I sign up for 2:45 in the afternoon thinking that surely I would be able to eat lunch before giving blood. Enter Renny. See, Renny should have been in at 2PM. Enabling me to immediately go to lunch, get cleaned up and give blood. Remember that 45 minutes late I was talking about? Yeah. Renny got there just in time for me to give blood. On an empty and growling stomach. So I'm lying there on the almost comfortable chair thing. That was designed for someone much smaller than me. Now, I can stand the sight of blood. I can handle the sight of my own blood. But apparently, I'm not so keen on seeing a dark red tube hanging from my arm. I've still got to twitch and shake my arm thinking about it. And they took from my right arm. Not my best arm. But back to the empty stomach. About 3/4 of the way into it, they notice me being visibly pale. I'd have said something, but speech was a little more than I could do at the time. Thinking was fine. Moving wasn't. So they immediately pump me full of about 4 cans of Pepsi and some crackers until I'm done. I don't think the nurse liked me too much. There appears to be a lot more donor involvement than I thought. And in situations like this, I prefer to just kinda nap through it and zone out. I think I would have been okay if I had eaten before. Even right now, though my right arm is still weak. I don't know if I'll give again.

In other news, Jerod is up for a day or two. My Eldar now stand, technically 2-0. Though these victories have been very narrow. But it's nice to win. Eldar tanks rule.

There's more to tell about the day at work, but I'm going to turn in "early." Still kinda tired.

sephiroth! sephiroth!

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