Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Report!

So Christmas has come and gone again. And this one passed quietly, with little noise, but lots of warmth and love. I like incident free holidays. Today was the antithesis of this past Thanksgiving. I just hate I won't be able to make to Bristol. And the only thing that would have made today even better was having someone to share it with, but...nothing for that right now. Next year? Like a bandit, I came out. I got a whole lot more than I thought I would. Which I don't necessarily have a problem with. But that's not the point. I would have been perfectly happy with less than I got, but I got what I got, and that's a lot. Rhyme, done. I got the Viking Lego Fortress. Holy crap! Primus, a bundle of very nice clothes, dark chocolate by the truckload, and the chocolate covered coffee beans. And other cash and prizes! But the best thing of the whole day was the ENTIRELY drama free family gatherings. And that means the family time was fantastic, and that's always good.

right. so. some song lyrics here.

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