Saturday, December 16, 2006

God, what a WEIRD night.

Right. So today was a bit of an odd duck. I had to go in at 10 this morning for work. But despite the ungodly hour at which I had to get up (shut up, I don't do mornings) it was a good day at work. The XM rep came in and, for no real reason that I could determine, handed me a Starbucks gift card of undetermined (I'm guessing like $5, but still) amount. Whaaaaaa? I was able to get away with wearing my comfortable (read: not black or brown) running shoes today, so my right leg was much better off. And it only took me five minutes to get home. During rush hour traffic. On a Friday. On the weekend before Christmas. How'd that happen? So I get home, I chill for a few minutes, then hop in the shower to get ready for Chris' gig at Plum Krazy's. Once again, I got to pretend like I knew what I was doing and play Sound Guy for the night. It's fun, and I'm going to be there anyway. It's cool how I've been kinda adopted into a "Guest Star" role in the band. Kinda neat, really. But right before they start for the night, Lenny, the kinda head of the band, drops a Jack and coke down in front of me. Free booze! This was most unexpected. I guess I must be doing a pretty good job. At the end of the gigs I've helped with, the band has tossed a little stipend my way. Not a whole lot, but it's always enough to cover my bartab, so it's cool, but never the buying of drinks! Susie, Heather, and Wes all show up. And normally that's a good time for everyone. But that's when it got weird. Wes, being Wes, was Wes all over Heather and Susie. Which, personally, is a little irritating. It's usually tolerable, but tonight the necking was being done nigh on top of me. Which makes for the slightly awkward. And by slightly I mean the opposite. Sarcasm and all. And this started at the BEGINNING of the night. And went on until AFTER the band had stopped. Of course, I had thought Susie was still seeing what's-his-face. Maybe not? Hard to keep up. (Why Justin, is that jealousy I hear? Yeah, maybe, what of it? I'm right fond of Susie, but last I heard she was with someone. Some mistakes do not bear repeating. Already struck out there once. ANd now we're moving on.) Eventually, I was able to be distracted from the...whatever...that was going on beside me when one of the Pixie Twins (these absolutely adorable little blond girls that work at PK's) showed up wearing knee high furry boots, a black sweatshirt, a pink santa hat, and a pair of pink boy-shorts shilling jello shooters. You will not I did not mention what kind of pants she was wearing. Which would be because she wasn't. She had some very nice legs. But even that was trumped a little later, though still eye catching. One of Susie and Heather's friends, Caitie(I think? I recognized her, but had only met her once) showed up. And I have to say, again, that I'm attracted to this one. Where the other two were displaying much flesh, she was a little more covered. Even if the jeans were painted on, with her knee high black boots also painted on. She had a much more reserved air about her that I like. It definitely didn't hurt that she's got an amazing smile and gorgeous eyes. But, alas, I was at the sound board and unable to engage her in any conversation or dance. Ah, well. But anyway, Friday nights are weird nights for gigs as it is. People (and the band) are tired from a day's work already. There is a higher concentration of drunk assholes and retards (had to save Susie at least once) and people tend to leave early. So the last set saw the place almost empty, save the Hardcore AKA Fans. But it ends well, and they guys sounded great (thank you, thank you). And as I'm waiting to pay off my tab, Lenny hands me another Jack and coke. Whaaaa? Oh well, cheers, mate! And to top it all off, the guys tossed in a little more my way than usual. I must be doing something right. Soooooooooo...yeah. Weird night. Weird night.

Tomorrow, laundry and a haircut. I've gone six months growing my hair out. It looks good. I do actually like the look I have, with the pseudo-jawline-beardlet and the longer curly-shag but clean and groomed hair. But as much as I like it, I think I'm done with it. While I don't look bad with it long, like with bright colors, I just don't think it fits how I see myself. This time I think I'll stick with the short hair. It's more me.


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