Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ugh. Tired.

Behold, my undying hatred of working retail during the holiday season. Behold! My unquenchable loathing of "Holiday Hours." I've been having to get up really damn early all week this week and it's wearing me the heck out. And holidays are supposed to be days of rest and feast and prayer! And I've been doing only one of those lately. And I can tell you now I've been eating light (of neccessity) and sleep is a joke. But I haven't killed anyone yet, so the prayers, at least, are working. Holiday hours. Pah! Our store doesn't even need to be open late. It's dead in there after 9PM, even on the weekends. Let me sleep! Stop making me come in at 7:15! Hate!

never gonna get it

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