Sunday, December 17, 2006

Saturday Lunch, Revisited

Not in a gross "I just saw what I ate for lunch in the toilet" scenario, though. Yesterday, Chris, Doug, and I went out to Olive Garden for lunch; the unlimited Soup, Salad, Breadsticks thing they do. It was fabulous as always (and healthy). I mention it in specific because we had an interesting waitress. There had been at least tow, probably three, large groups of families celebrating A&T's December graduation and as a result our waitress seemed a bit tired when she first came out, but she was attentive, and all three of us sympathize with people who have to wait tables for a living. It didn't hurt that she was cute. As lunch went on, we discovered that she had a rather witty and dry sense of humor that was readily appreciated by the whole lot of us, especially me. Y'know, since I tend to be a dry-as-toast sarcastic ass. A lot. But I really do think we made her day a little better. Because we shared in the sense of humor the whole time we were there. As we were getting up to go, she almost said Merry Christmas, but stopped short because she was not allowed to say it. So the three of us immediately and loudly wished her the merriest Christmas possible. Several times. And we stepped out to get my hairs cut, then had to turn around because I forgot my hat. This is where it gets most notable. I pop in, and the table we were at was already seated and my hat was nowhere to be found. Luckily, I spotted Hilary (our waitress. Observational awareness; I spotted her name tag and remembered her name from the beginning.) and asked if she'd seen the hat. She ran off to ask her busser, and she came back looking somewhat forlorn, her eyes cast down. Ah, I thought, she found the hat and is pretending something bad happened to it. Is she flirting with me? She said, "Unfortunately there's been a terrible's your hat." Which was just fine. And I was right about the pretending. Ah, people. "Transformers, right? Excited about the movie?" Gaspa! And we had a brief discussion about the awesomeness of a Transformers live-action movie and the probable problems of Michael Bay directing it. I was taken aback that she would know anything about Transformers. There are a few possibilities. She has brothers/guy friends who are geeks. She has a boyfriend that is a geek. She, herself, is a geek. I have no problem with the first, and the third would be awesome, expecially if there was no boyfriend. Because geek girls are hard to find sometimes, and cute ones even harder.

Maybe I should go back to Olive Garden sometime soon. Hmmm.

Also? I got a haircut. Yay.

when I saw her standin' there

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