Friday, September 16, 2005

Forgot the Title the First Time Around

Yar, indeed, me mateys. Every day is a good day for me in the Geek Squad. At least so far, anyway. And I'll take that. My fellow agent, Tony, seems to have a 19" Sony Trinitron monitor he does not want. So he's going to sell it to me for $45. Sony. Monitor. LCD. Holy cow. Score!

Also, I'm selling an old doublet on eBay for anyone that's interested in it. Good condition. Used only very little and lovingly at that. Included in the auction is a beret I got some time ago. It has seen very little use, as I soon after got my first of three cavalier hats (felt, cheap leather, real deal leather.)

Speaking of costuming! Chris' wife, Lani, is doing me a wonderful favor in making me a red cape to go along with the new outfit Lord Captain Grey is wearing. Breastplate, metal bracers, red cape. I will look very captainy indeed. I am even having a pair of significantly snug pants made. I will be fabulous. In that completely heterosexual way. Seriously.

fabulous is as fabulous does


The Blue-Eyed Rascal said...

I got the weirdest comment on my weblog today....

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Isn't that weird??

thatweirdgirl said...

Fabulous! Significantly snug pants..teehee.