Monday, September 05, 2005

It's a whole family!

So I have adopted a new member into my family of Transformers named electronics. I have a PalmOne Tungsten E PDA. With a 1GB SD card in the expansion slot. His name is Nemesis Prime. There's even a color theme that matches the character on PalmOS. It's a pretty nifty toy, I've found. The mp3 player is pretty high quality stuff. I've currently got about 170 mp3s on the card, and the player itself has an LCARS(Star Trek TNG and up interface module thing) skin. So I'm geeking out hardcore. And so thus have I started tooling around eBay in search of cheap 1GB SD cards so I can add more songs to my portable repetoire. And I've got a card reader on the way so I don't have to use Chris'. Though I might get my own laptop card reader like Chris has eventually. One for Skywarp is the big issue, but one for Megatron might be useful. Also! Chris' friend Heidi has allowed me salvage rights to her old computer that went crappo on her, so I'll have more toys to mess with! Huzzah! I love salvaging crapped out computers and objects. Like my PS2. And both my current computers. And this PDA. Huzzah!

this is the noise that keeps me awake

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