Thursday, September 08, 2005

It were a good day, English

So today. Today was a good day. For meany reasons that I shall now bring to your attention. The first reason today was a good day was because yesterday ended as well as it did. Something I was nervous about I have a little less reason to be nervous about, but said progression brings on new reasons for nervousness, but that's a good thing. And intentionally vague. Part 2: I finally finished The Dark Tower. Wow. An ending even I did not foresee. Though it was poetic. Fitting, really. Thirdly, as of this upcoming Sunday I am going to be moved to another department in the store. The Tech Bench. Better known to the non-employee as...Geek Squad! Yes, they have moved me over to Geek Squad, and with alarming alacrity and lack of forewarning. I was completely unaware that they had even looked at moving me over there. AFter a two or three weeks of training, I get my uniform, badge and, most importantly, financial recompense, since Geek Squad operates on a different pay scale. Huzzah! Reason the penultimate, aka, reason number four, is that Vector Prime came in the mail today. I saw the pictures of this toy and immediately had to have it. I was, however, disappointed by the American translation of the paint scheme. Left a lot of detailing out, the materials were a little cheaper, from what I could see. If you have the option, get the Takara version of a Transformer. But looking at the robot mode, he struck me as looking very much like a Paladin, the White Knight of the Transformers world. I could see myself as looking like that as a Transformer. And I can do that because I am a geek. Lastly, it seems that I may be getting one of Chris' friends old tower to salvage at my leisure. And that always makes me a happy camper.

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John said...

Congratulations. Doesn't this mean you're in customer service now though? Won't you be answering the ridiculous questions of angry, confused people? That could be scary.