Friday, September 02, 2005

phrase t-shirts are stupid

But profitable, it seems. I have taken my particular brand of irony and satire and have made it available to you, John Q. Public. Or John W. Rummage, if you prefer. You will visit, you will buy, you will make fun of others! Huzzah! I know some people don't like cafepress, some for perfectly understandable reasons. But I figure it doesn't cost me a thing to use it. Gives me a chance to create something I might not have been able to otherwise. So there.

but you don't care for music much, do you


Anonymous said...

I do prefer John W. Rummage, actually.

You know, I HEARD there was a secret chord.

John said...

Waaaaiiiit. You didn't say that that was your doing.


I approve.