Monday, November 15, 2004

Dark Wings in the Light

In the ruins
Devestation of old battles
won and lost in ages old
She stands alone
A meeting of ruined places
A figure walks in the mists
Baptized in old battles
won and lost in ages old
reaffirmed, atoned
A paladin bathed in light
renewed again, the Old Light
Cloak of charcoaled color
sits heavily on his shoulders
he sheaths his blade
dark and heavy
darkness bound within
he spies her alone in the ruin
fae, tall, sad, beautiful
he stands before her
no words are spoken
grey eyes and hers brown
no words are needed
his arms held wide
the light glow from his raiment
casts a warmth upon her, comforting
she steps into his arms
he holds her tight and smiles
his black wings envelope the embrace
warm and comforting
as Dawn's red glow
leaps from the mountains
a warm wind blows from the West
dark wings in the light

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